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Welcome to USDExBD !

USDExBD is the most trusted dollar buy sell website for freelancers. This is the best dollar buy sell website. All orders are completed within 5-15m Max 30 minutes and This website is for the benefit of freelancers only. Stay with us for safe buying/selling. Thank you !

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191.6 USD 
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Perfect Money 124 BDT 118 BDT
Payeer 124 BDT 118 BDT
AdvCash 124 BDT 118 BDT
Tether (USDT) 128 BDT 120 BDT
PayPal 80 BDT 105 BDT
BNB (BEP20) 128 BDT 119 BDT
BNC Pay 128 BDT 120 BDT
TRON (TRX) 128 BDT 120 BDT

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